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LeBron Soldier III, also milkcrate inspired



Nike has just announced the new LeBron Soldier III for the 2009 NBA Playoffs. According to Nike “To keep him steady, the outsole tread was inspired by the milk crate he used as a hoop when he was a kid in Akron.” The photo below was from the Cavs/Pistons game yesterday, where LeBron dropped 38 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steal – not bad while breaking in a new pair of shoes. The photo below shows the new shoe in action (different colorway) –via

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My own crate inspired LeBron Soldier II’s

I’ve been writing about these sneakers since they’ve hit the web. Finally after the price came down, I’ve bought a pair of my own. I did the standard un-boxing pics and shot all the milkcratey details.

LeBron VI, Akron edition, with milkcrate hoop



Once again a LeBron James sneaker is sporting a nod to the milkcrate legend. I’ve already done 3 posts about the LeBron Soldier II (here, here and here, with another one coming because I just ordered some for myself) Now the LeBron VI, Akron edition has just been leaked an I’m prett sure I’m seeing milkcrates in the details. When better pics emerge I’ll be sure to post them (and maybe even get a pair). via–> Blog, Nike’s latest LeBron sneaker puts Akron in the Footlights

LeBron soldier II, “Milk Crate Technology” verified

LeBron Soldier 2 - milkcrate technology

LeBron James soldier II

LeBron Soldier 2

I’ve heard the marketing mumbo jumbo, and now my eyes have seen the truth. Nike has actually put the phase,”Milk Crate Technology” on the sole of the LeBron James soldier II sneaker. Supposedly, this colorway will be the 2nd released this Summer. –> thanks to for the great pics. Related Posts: More Milkcrate Inspired Technology…, “Milkcrate Technology” by Nike

More Milkcrate Inspired Technology in LeBron Soldier 2 sneaker

LeBron Soldier 2 - sole

LeBron Soldier 2 - toe detail

LeBron Soldier 2 - lace detail

The Nike people keep on bringing the LeBron milkcrate technology to the fore. The 2nd version of the LeBron Soldier 2 shoe shows even more milkcrate inspired details than the first (which I posted in December 2007) –> thanks to & for the great pics.

“Milkcrate Technology” by Nike in LeBron II

Milkcrate Technology by Nike

LeBron II

Finally someone owns up to it. LeBron James grew up on Hickory Street. On this street he played basketball on a milkcrate. The new LeBrons pay homage to that crate with what Nike calls (I’m not making this up) “milkcrate technology”! View more pics here.

Milkcrate Athletics & Nike in Lawsuit Over Something Neither Own

Aaron LaCrate and his brand of Milkcrate Athletics is suing Nike for recent usage of milkcrates, related images and words on a series of recent LeBron James apparel and footwear. They claim that Nike is confusing the public and using their brand properties. I’ve been putting milkcrates on t-shirts since 1997 (see one below) so I don’t know how someone could own that idea, but Milkcrate Athletics is going for it with this lawsuit. I don’t see any confusion of brand infringement, but we’ll let the courts work it out.

It’s my opinion that no one owns the milkcrate image. It’s like saying you own the letter “F”. Milkcrates are in the public domain and no one can lay claim to it. I am a supporter of artist’s rights and I’m the first person to call foul when artists get ripped off (see You Though We Wouldn’t Notice) but this just seems a bit silly. If he wins, I’d like a cut please. –> Milkcrate Athletics Files Trademark Suit Against Nike Over LeBron James’s Milkcrate-Themed Shoes via