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Souped up (with crates) Corolla

Anthony has pimped his Corolla with an innovative milk crate storage rack. It adds extra storage beyond the trunk. It is done with serious conviction and execution. I love it. Anthony and his buddy Gilbert clean up after tourists at the Mimosa Rocks National Park. –> deep roots technology via iconophila

Milk Crate Toy Storage

Being a parent, from what I’ve seen, involved a mass amount of toys and distractions for the kids. Jessie posted this great solution that looks pretty good and keeps the toys off the floor. More pics on the link. –> Milk Crate Toy Storage via Three Rivers

Crate Side Tables At The Movies

At the Speak Easy Cinema in Melbourne, Australia they had a problem. Where do I put my drink? They found the answer in the milkcrate. With the help of some scrap plywood, signboard and even some cupboard doors (with handles still on) they managed to create a slew of tables to make the viewing experience a little better. Thanks Ben (from Speak Easy Cinema for sending this in).

Happy 2010!