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Huge Plastic Thievery Ring Put Down


Five people in Maryland (Bodymore, Murdaland?) were arrested for stealing over $400,000 dollars worth of plastic pallets and crates. It took seven months to catch these maniacs. I wonder what they were building? –> cartoon via The Daily Bumble, news –> Milk Crate Thefts via Dairy Business

Girls Saves Puppies and Milkcrate from Shipwreck


Laura Hughes (below) saved 9 puppies in a miraculous effort by balancing a milkcrate filled with nine Rottwieler puppies while swimming ashore after her boat capsized. Two other dogs swam on their own and their were no casualties. Thank goodness she kept a milkcrate on board! Also, this is an amazing headline. –> British sailing woman swam ashore with puppies on head via


Crate Cushions


So simple and so right, Etsy maker NotToday created these clever and functional cushions for your milk crate seating. They are a little pricey for my cheap behind (grid marks are not sexy) but you guys out there should get some. Poor Man’s Patio Milk Crate Chairs via Renter’s Relief on Michi Girl