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Crate Hockey Tantrum

Milkcrate Hockey Tantrum

Tuukka Rask has only played 5 NHL games, but for the Providence Bruins of the AHL Rask made a name for himself with an all-star post-game tantrum. The finale of this display was throwing a milkcrate onto the ice from the tunnel. I love everything about this story. I wish I could do an interview with this guy. Watch the whole video here –> Tuukka Rask loses his temper after shootout loss (March 21st, 2009), full story here via Sports of Boston

Milkcrate Roundup

There have been so many milkcrate hits lately that it’s getting hard to keep up. Below are a slew of the crate web stories. Keep ’em coming world wide web.

milkcrate typography crateman climber crate-bee-lift

black-crate-detail everything-crates bicycle-coffee-creat

  1. Milk Crate Typography via Heaps Good
  2. Crateman from Australia continues his mission via PSFK & Trendhunter
  3. Bees need help too: Another ant prevention method via Backwards Beekeepers
  4. Flickr brings us A. L. Marquardt’s Milk Crate photo
  5. Random info about milkcrates via
  6. Flickr brings us Geekstinkbreath’s Bicycle Coffee Bags in milk crate ready to go

Skulls & Crates go together like…?


I don’t exactly understand the situation here but the impulse is truly felt deep. Strapping a goat skull on to my milkcrate now seems exactly like what I should do first thing tomorrow morning. –> Crawling through the USA via John Glynn’s Blog

3D Texture Crates


Robbie Crabtree sent this in and I’m loving this. Milkcrate texture maps in fully rendered 3D splendor. See more of his work on his flickr page. –> Robbie Crabtree’s Flickr

Crate Full of Kittens


When someone shows up with a milkcrate full of kittens you know what needs to be done. This happened recently at the humane society in the Bahamas, and they did what any good people would do–get those kitties homes! –> HSGB Updates & ‘Special’ Stories via Bahamas Islands Info