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Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrates, coffee and records go hand in hand like nothing else I can think of. In my fair city of Philadelphia, the Milkcrate Cafe is now open for business. The store is located at 400 E Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Their blog is here –> Milkcrate Cafe blog

Milkcrates as Cymbals


The two man band, “Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival” is a bit unorthodox. The drummer uses a steel milkcrate, upside down as a cymbal. I like it. –> Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival kicks the drums at the Smokeout 10 via

Milkcrate Furniture with Flair


Milkcrate furniture isn’t new on this blog but this stuff has a polish that isn’t usually associated with my plastic buddies. These pieces are the creation of Tel Aviv Etsy artist Natymosko. It’s good to know who made these great pieces finally. The prices are a little steep for my taste but good milk crate design ideas are always welcome. –> Milk Crate Envy via Working Title

boxlife_live boxlife_unit

Birmingham Dairy Wooden Crate


I believe this photo is from Iron Horse Antiques in Manasis, VA. –> Weekend Update via New Dominon Blues Studio

3 Kids, 1 Dad, 1 Bike & 1 Milkcrate


This is the picture (a video actually, below) of a happy family in Amsterdam. –> Dad & 3 Kids on a Workcycles Fr8, via Bakfiets En Meer : bonus link – Dutch Cargo Bicycles via ReNest

Vintage Wire Milk Crate


High Street Market on Etsy is selling 2 of these cute vintage wire milkcrates. I’ve considering it, I really am, just $10. –> Vintage White Milk Crate, wire grid with a green handle

retro-wire-milkcrate-02 retro-wire-milkcrate-03

Crate Stack Climbing


This is an amazing shot and I sure hope this guy is wearing a harness of some kind. This guy apparently won this contest by climbing to a height of 22 crates which is almost 24 feet of the ground. The photo below is of the blogger who reached a very respectable 18 crates. I’m not sure of this event but I am intrigued. –> Check Check, via Mountain Film blog


Wild Dogs


This good guy takes his doggie everywhere he rides with this homemade travel crate. I love this idea, and almost did it myself recently on my bike with Punkass. Now that I’ve seen it work, I will definitely give it a try. I usually don’t post pictures with faux crates, but I will make an exception in this case. –> Jones County man rides in style with canine companion via on

Crate Pattern Love


Chris Lemmen’s photoblog recently featured this great detail shot of a milkcrate. –> See more at his photoblog

Crates in Nepal, can you carry more?


How many crates can you carry in Nepal? No way you can beat this dude. –> Sent in by Jay Yarrow original photo by¬†Wonker at Flickr, this photo on Flickr here –> Human Forklift