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Aussie Bike Baskets

basket-crate custom-basket-crate

On this blog I haven’t been shy about my admiration for the Australian people’s ingenuity with milk crates. We have two simple examples here, but the hose details on the custom cut bike storage rack is a very sweet touch. –> via Treadly and Me, Basket cases

Crate Scooter Trunk


This photographer is traveling around, with a milkcrate trunk – shooting and living the milkcrate lifestyle. The above photo is of his ride in New Orleans, LA. –> via, Nomad’s Land, Day 10

Crate Kids


Kids and milk crates go together like PB & J. –>via Silence is Broken blog, we are here, honest …

3 Crate Instructables

cat-trap has tons of great how-tos. In the last week or two, I’ve noticed these 3 great projects that involve the good ole’ milkcrate. First, above, the milkcrate cat trap.


Second, above, a convertible bike backseat.


Lastly, a man who doesn’t like bureaus created this crate wall mounted system.

All via –>

The Poem Shop


In NYC a group of writers has taken the writing to the streets and is offering a poem writing service. The poems are very reasonably priced (in the $5 to $20 range) and it’s better than writing advertising copy, right? The Poem Shop service was started by William Chrome and I love that the girl in the photo above is using a milkcrate as her typewriter stand. –> The Poem Shop via Adrian Shirk