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Crate Kitchen

crate-kitchen-01 crate-kitchen-02

This is a perfect milkcrate setup in an awkward spot. These four gallon milkcrates fit perfectly in between the stove and the chest freezer and to top it off – they found the perfect piece of marble in the trash. I’m pretty jealous of the whole thing. –> Apartment kitchen hacks from via & the whole flickr photoset

Milk Crate Skate


Milkcrates and skateboards go back to the beginning for me. Playing with crates, stacking them to see how high I can ollie, and sometimes just knocking them down was the beginning of my love of the form. The misfits at American Misfits have done a series of these videos. This one just popped up on YouTube –>Fuel TV  – Milk Crate Skatin. The timing is almost perfect, after watching the video and getting motivated, buy one of these, I Heart Milkcrate skateboards.


Storvino is kind of like a milkcrate



The Storvino is a wine storage system, that looks remarkably like a milkcrate. Each unit will cost you $19.99 and it comes in 3 nice colors, Nero (black), Burgundy (deep red), Blanc (white, get it they are like wines! … amazingly clever). You can buy them on Amazon, or learn more on the Storvino web site. Of course, if you don’t wanna spend $20 bucks you can just do this. –> milkcrate wine rack

LeBron Soldier III, also milkcrate inspired



Nike has just announced the new LeBron Soldier III for the 2009 NBA Playoffs. According to Nike “To keep him steady, the outsole tread was inspired by the milk crate he used as a hoop when he was a kid in Akron.” The photo below was from the Cavs/Pistons game yesterday, where LeBron dropped 38 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steal – not bad while breaking in a new pair of shoes. The photo below shows the new shoe in action (different colorway) –via

APTOPIX Pistons Cavaliers Basketball

Moose Crate Says Safety First


Biking in Montreal, Canada must be pretty dangerous. This crate is prepped for install with a full suite of reflective tape and reflectors. The moose sticker just makes the whole thing for me. –> via Moose Wanderings

My own crate inspired LeBron Soldier II’s

I’ve been writing about these sneakers since they’ve hit the web. Finally after the price came down, I’ve bought a pair of my own. I did the standard un-boxing pics and shot all the milkcratey details.

Motorcycles… and this guy… Rule


I found this in my usual web crawl for crate pics. This fine gentleman and his trusty bike, equipped with a black milkcrate attached by bungee cords to his rack – acting as a trunk. This is the real milkcrate lifestyle. –> via

24K Milkcrate blog


24K Milkcrate is some kind of music/event/lifestyle blog. I like the well drawn (with very sweet attention to detail) yellow milkcrate. Very well done – much respect due… or whatever the kids say these days.

Green Milkcrate Aids in Pink Graffiti


This young green crate was seen aiding a graffiti artist paint this mural in Toronto. It’s crazy how impressionable milk crates are these days. – via Pixelize

I guess this is a milkcrate


This kind of home made looking crate is quite interesting. It’s pretty clearly made by someone who has seen a milk crate before, kind of old – but not too old. – via lamanyana on flickr