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Crates on the Wall Bench


Charlie Vinz in Chicago built this cool cantilevered milk-crate bench with a hinged wooden top for storage on his bedroom wall. It’s pretty raw and to the point – which is why I love it. via–>South 12th, Oct 21st


Greek Milkcrates


My good buddy (and mortal enemy on the basketball court) Jay Yarow sent these photos from his Greek vacation. I love the colors and the shape seems pretty functional as well.

greek-market-crates greek-alley-crates greek-cabbage-crates

Crate Pavilion Time Lapse Action


The good kids at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) built this great milkcrate set up for a recent RMIT SEEDS (Student Entrepreneurs, Education and Development in Society) event. In addition to some great flickr pics, someone with the code name ‘Omega’ shot this cool time lapse video of the construction. Nothing beats the boundless energy of college kids.

LeBron VI, Akron edition, with milkcrate hoop



Once again a LeBron James sneaker is sporting a nod to the milkcrate legend. I’ve already done 3 posts about the LeBron Soldier II (here, here and here, with another one coming because I just ordered some for myself) Now the LeBron VI, Akron edition has just been leaked an I’m prett sure I’m seeing milkcrates in the details. When better pics emerge I’ll be sure to post them (and maybe even get a pair). via–> Blog, Nike’s latest LeBron sneaker puts Akron in the Footlights

Crate Sphere on the loose & the Milkcrate Borg Ship


The Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia was host to the Crateman Crew’s milkcrate sphere. The creation uses 688 crates and is pretty big and heavy. It was part of a parade and was also part social experiment. In this case the experiment failed. The hope was that the crowd would join in guiding the crate ball through the route – in reality the people were afraid and the ball got out of control. The powers that be had to stop the ball and it was moved to the safe area as seen in the photo. Does anyone have pics or video of this baby in motion? via–>Wooster Collective, The Crate Sphere

After the Milkcrate Castle was built for Milkcrate Digest #2 was had the problem of getting rid of 800+ milkcrates. We found a milk crate pick up spot at a small cafe, but it was one huge hill from where the castle was built. In the middle of the night, we decided that the best way to get them down the hill was to tie them all together (in the middle of a street) in what we dubbed, “the milkcrate borg ship.” For the first 50 feet, this worked great. Then we hit some kind of pipe in the street. The whole stack came to a halt while the twine gave way, sending crates here and there. We couldn’t move the beast and soon enough a car came. Some frat boy in a Jeep SUV pulled up behind our crates and stopped. He decided for whatever reason to try and run it over. The crates bent, big did not budge. What was left, after he backed up and went around, was a mess. We moved the crates into the a small wooded area near the scene.

We thought this was over – it was not. The following Monday we got a call from the school where all this went down. They found the crates and demanded that we get the crates out of there. What happened couldn’t have been planned. The freshman students were arriving on campus the next day. We made flyers and set up shop near the dorm (the castle was built in one of the dorm patio areas). The flyers promoted our free milkcrate give a away. Within hours all the milkcrates had been given out to incoming students. We had moved the crates back into the dorm one crate at a time.

Tech Kids Gay for Milk Crates


The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements. It’s very well done and I’m surprised it didn’t come up on my crate-dar sooner. via–> Thank You For Your Submission, Lawn installations at Illinois Institute of Technology

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Milkcrate Fireworks Apparatus

milkcrate rack

Patriot Pyrotechnics is offering this milkcrate mortar rack for $64.95. It’s a standard 4 gallon black crate, and I’m not sure why a free milk crate and 25 pieces of PCV cost $65 bucks, but hey people gotta make a living, right?