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Milkcrate Saw Feed Roller


Cheap wheels and a few milkcrates makes a nice cheap solution to expensive feed rollers that you’d buy at places like this for $329.99. –> via Toolmonger, A Cheap(-Ass) Saw Feed Roller

Amazon selling milkcrates?


Amazon is now selling milkcrates through one of their resellers, Advantage Gripware. They are selling for $14.95 which seems kind of high considering that I usually pick these up for nothing. Buy one now –>milkcrate on Amazon

Firewood Storage Crate


The real world provides a never-ending supply of material for the blog. I’m not sure where this house is, but they have found a beautiful old wooden & metal Carnation brand milkcrate that is now in use as their firewood box. via–> A Great Leap in the Dark, 11 Weeks Later…

I like plants…and crates


The blog, I Like Plants, says this orchid in a ‘orange juice’ crate is from southeast Asia. I like the combination of elements here…and I think I need that yellow juice crate for my own collection. via –> I Like Rare Plants, Rhynchostylis Gigantea

Crateoons via Canada


This little toon by Mr. Eric Dyck is a nice glimpse of life in Canada. Milkcrates are everywhere, but we know this. via Eric’s –> Mon Qui Towne comics

Jake & Amir love milkcrates

Jake and Amir are pretty tweaked, in a good way though. In this video some milkcrates make a background cameo appearance – so I can post it here on the milkcrate digest blog.

Secretary from Amir on Vimeo