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Kayak-ers Love Milkcrates


There is a link between the kayak people and the great milkcrate. I don’t yet have a in depth understanding of this relationship and I will someday soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting these pics that I find. Pics via Big Water’s Edge, Ocean Prowler 15





The Daily Bumble reports that milkcrate thefts are on the rise. They don’t say where this news comes from, but who cares. They did a nice little cartoon, which you see above. –>Milk Crate Theft Rates on the Rise

Dirt Bike+Propane+Milkcrate=Perfection


Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @

High End Crate Use

Some people think milkcrates are ugly. But the most sophisticated of design types see the beauty. This room, by Jenny Sauer was featured on Design Sponge and is a model of modern utilitarian goodness. –>via Design Sponge Online, Sneek Peek: Jenny Sauer