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Clumsy Aussie soccer fan hurts head via milkcrate and sues the team

A fan of the Canberra Raiders, an Australian soccer team, fell during an on-field half-time competition. The game consisted of catching soccer balls in a milkcrate. The sponsor of the event was a local dairy, Canberra Milk. The participant fell and lost consciousness. He may have hit his dome on the milkcrate in the spill. He is now suing the team for his injury and for the sad state of his life. I one main question: why was a dairy promoting a game where milk crates are in use illegally? –>via LiveNews, Raiders fan sues over half-time catching contest injury and –>via The Canberra Times, Fan sues Raiders for injuries

Milkcrate Basketball Association

Long ago I made this tee shirt and it was celebrated. Once again it is available to commemorate the best and most authentic of basketball experiences. The Milkcrate Basketball Association is the truth. –>get one at the Milkcrate Digest Zazzle page