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Alton Brown finds milkcrates in the Caribbean

Alton Brown and the Food network have found milkcrate life in the Caribbean on the new show, Feasting on Waves.

Wendy’s Taps the Milkcrate

Wendy’s has gotten on the milk crate bandwagon. Better late than never, I say.

Crate Bike in Philly

Samson street in Philadelphia, PA

Crate BBQ

Milkcrates are all American like BBQ in the backyard. –> via, Summer Saturday

Milk Crate Storage Solutions

I found this organizing beauty on Homemaking for Kings. –> Works-for-Me Wednesdays: School crates

Spamventdocument shows off this super cycling helmet storage solution –> Hard day at the office

Anyone who thinks thieves are sane has not been watching closely. Some fool broke into this families Airstream to loot and after dumping the kids shoes out of the milk crate at the door, then used that crate to gather the booty from the vehicle. After carefully loading the crate, the bad guy left everything behind. –>  via, the towels too?

Lastly from the blog called God’s Abundant Gifts, a great metal/plastic milk crate full of Crocs. –> Right Up My Alley

Legal scare tactics is an industry site that reports on the goings on of the plastic set. They recently posted this scary report on the ‘theft’ of milkcrates in the country. –> Milk crate bandits

In addition Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a milk crate theft law back in September 2006. The law is really about reselling milkcrates, and focuses on dairy people with more than five crates and selling them for recycling. Who would sell milkcrates! That just seems wrong. — via, Schwarzenegger signs milk crate theft law


These amazing milk crate briefcases will be the envy of the suits if you can figure out where to buy them. via –> BriefCrate

Milkcrates at 30th St.

Milkcrate Productions

I stumbled upon this young company that makes music, apparel and bongs sorry, I mean glasswear. Check out Milkcrate Productions.