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Waffle House Wedding features crate seating

Waffle House Wedding

My old intern Jessica Hill sent me this info and at first I was afraid to even post it. A wondrous couple from Georgia got hitched up at the local Waffle House. The pics above tell some of the tale: milkcrate seats!–> Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched – Couple marries at Waffle House

Everyday grocery store

Doing some grocery shopping today and I spotted this end unit here..

Crate construction in the woods

Crate construction in the woods

Crate construction in the woods

This couple has decided to move to the woods, build their own house and get back to nature. Two interesting tidbits – they have a blog (pretty comprehensive too) and they used some milkcrates to aid in the construction of some of their home. If people who have left society as we know it still see the value of the milkcrate, well – that has to say something, right? –> Holy Cow – big big day

Crate storage, simple and true

Milkcrate shelving

Milkcrate storage

Milkcrate shelving systems are the bread and butter of milkcrate living. Sometimes here on the digest, they get overlooked. These two popped up recently and just remind us how simple and great this solution is. From Zeeppos’ Kniting Blog –> I have upped my price … and from –>Vaguely Greenish…

Crate storage central

I’m still in the recently moved state. Many milkcrate have yet to be unpacked. Real life in the milkcrate lifestyle.

Dell on the milkcrate bandwagon

New Dell commercial…

More milkcrate bike cooperation

milkcrate as trunk on bike trailer Red milkcrate on bike

It’s heart warming to see the kids being taught the milkcrate lifestyle at such a young age. –> The bike trailer

Bike and crates go together like peanut butter and jelly. –> Look what I did

Wall-E & milkcrates

Wall-E still

Wall-E milkcrate still

Wall-E milkcrate detail

I was really late to see Wall-E. Not for any particular reason…I guess it was just a busy time. Last weekend I finally went and saw it, and I was honestly blown away. Pixar is just so damn good at what they do. The trailers do not do the movie justice at all. The story is cute, but the visuals (especially early on) are seriously intense. Once again, the good people at Pixar have embraced the milkcrate. They did it in Toy Story (watch trailer), and here again they have represented the milk crate in film.

Bus tells milkcrate totting cyclist to remove crate

Milkcrate enabled cyclist punked by transit

Cyclist, Robert Wilson, was told by an Ontario, Canada bus driver that he could not mount his bike onto the buses rack with his milkcrate attached. Mr. Wilson has ridden thousands of miles with his bungeed on crate and refused to remove his trusty crate.“If it hasn’t fallen off in 2,000 miles, how do you figure it’s going to fall off the bus in three blocks?”, said Robert Wilson. The bus company cried about liability. Mr. Wilson asks, “For the city to install bike racks on buses, then deny people the right to use them, it’s flagrantly wrong.” Reported by the Hamilton Spectator –> crate keeps bike off bus rack

Scooters <3 milkcrates

Scooters love milkcrates too

We’ve had bikes, motorcycles, cars, hovercrafts, shoes and other forms of transportation. For some strange reason the scooter community has been absent. Scooter Lust has solved that problem. –> beauty and the beast