My new crate bike rig

A while back, I bungeed this 6 gallon crate onto my bike. Problems came on a heavy load trip because my tie down wasn’t so tight. This new edition fixes a piece of plywood, which is then screwed to the milk crate. It’s super solid now.

6 Responses to “My new crate bike rig”

  1. Deb  on August 19th, 2008

    Is there an outlet to sell milk crates?

  2. admin  on August 20th, 2008

    Some film supply places sell them, but I prefer the are free range ones, not the crates raised in captivity.

  3. Cazzbo  on May 23rd, 2009


    Here’s my milk-crate bike… I had the same crate cut and installed the same way on my previous bike (which was stolen). Then I had to hunt around to find just the same crate again for the new bike…


  4. Pa-treek  on May 23rd, 2009

    Am I being obsessive?

    I feel like this milk crate is overkill and therefore too heavy? Wouldn’t a wire “butcher basket” be sufficient?

    My hope is to carry two or three grocery bags 1 – 5 miles. Maybe 50lbs.

  5. Cazzbo  on June 21st, 2009

    There might be (for some) ‘too much weight’ in a full solid-sided crate, but I don’t reckon so!

    Mine is only really half a milk crate (I cut it down, so it’s not so deep, but I can still pile it up as high as a full crate, if I secure the load). Some crates have more solid sides, but mine doesn’t. It is really light, and really strong.

    A lesser basket (even a wicker one) will do the job for lighter loads, for sure. But the other good thing about my crate is I can flex the sides with no harm done (i.e. to squeeze in loads/boxes that are in reality just that little bit too large for the crate!). A metal basket would take less of that type of treatment without complaining!

    Today I carried home a 5kg bag of potatoes, and 5kg of additional groceries (10kg = 22lbs) – a doddle, and an unremarkable shopping day!