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Milkcrate furniture

Milkcrate furniture

Apartment wrote a great little piece about the transformative milkcrate and it’s many uses by designers and artists. Some of these works have already been seen here on Milkcrate (we are on the crate edge of the milkcrate lifestyle…but you know this) –> Reusing Milk Crates

Panda attacks milkcrate

Tai Shan the panda attacks a defenseless milkcrate

This poor milk crate was attacked (maybe not attcked, maybe they are in love) by Tai Shan the panda at the National Zoo in DC. –> more pics of Tai Shan the panda by Simba on the 17th

Milkcrate Peeping Tom

Milkcrate assists peeping tom

Local news is probably one of the worst things about our current society. In this amazing dramatization they’ve recreated a milkcrate boosted pervert, who was caught by local police. Also, his face looks like a bad 3-D scan. –> Fischers police arrest alleged peeping Tom


Milkcrate Hovercraft

The tinkerers know milkcrates. Some ingenious young men created this hovercraft from a leaf blower, a milkcrate, and some odds and ends. –> Awesome Homemade Hovercraft


Milkcrate Port-A-Potty

From Paintball Nation forums someone came up with a genius milkcrate port-a-potty modification. I think the graphic (above) speaks for itself. Read the full post and comments –> Crate Potty

NY Times, video about a milkcrate hoop

NY Times video about milkcrate hoop

I’m fairly certain that most people think that my fascination with milkcrates is more than a little silly. The NY Times is a respectable media outlet – and they just posted this little video about some young boys who posted their very own milkcrate basketball hoop in Brooklyn. See, I’m not the only one interested in such things! See the video here –> Milk Crate as Basketball Hoop, a Symbol of Urban Ingenuity

Art making with metal(crates)

Fine art and metal(crates)

I don’t know why the scultor’s web site is called blue sloth. But, he makes some crazy stuff out of metal and he is fond of milkcrates. I’ve even posted about his once in the past. The pic above, shows the use of an old school metal milkcrate – the roots run deep. –> Tools of the Trade

Old school metal milkcrate with flowers

Flowers in a metal milkcrate

Check out this sweet antique metal milkcrate. The flowers are a very pretty touch. –> A Few Blooms

A tale of a lost scooter and a found milkcrate

Scooter Minus Crate

From the Washington DC City Paper, comes a strange tale of a stolen scooter. I love the graphic above, which sums up the story nicely. Some young punks stole the writer’s bike, but took the time to remove the attached milkcrate and left it on a nearby corner. Read the full story here –> Scooters For a Larcenist