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Walmart is trying to kill my friends

Walmart's sqaure milk

NY Times, square milk

The New York Times reports that Walmart is taking aim at the milkcrate lifestyle. They have quietly introduced the square milk jug which doesn’t need a milkcrate to transport it. These stackable milk jugs can be shrink wrapped and shipped like other forms of product. The major downside is that consumers don’t like the new design. Many people report that the new jug is hard to pour, is difficult for children and these same people worry about where they will put their garage tools if milkcrates go away. I’m taking personal offense to this. But, I’m not really that worried. People are very resistant to change, and if the milk doesn’t sell then the milkcrates will return. I see some other issues as well. They claim that they will only need to stock once a week with the new design. Doesn’t this mean that we will be seeing more spoiled milk? I’m sure the Walmart penny pinchers have calculated all the angles, but if we don’t buy these stupid sqaure milk jugs then everything will be just fine. Don’t panic. –> Read the fill NY Times article here –> article

Milkcrate Cafe in Melbourne

Milkcrate Cafe

I just can’t say enough about the Australian people’s love of milkcrates. Once again, in Melbourne, they have upped the ante with  an impromptu outdoor milkcrate cafe. To hell with Starbucks, this is the future. –> Milk Crate Cafe

Crates around the web

Horses and milkcrates

Horses love milkcrates too. We’ve seen milkcrates and kayaks, milk crates with motorcycles, milkcrates and skateboards and now we’ve verified the milkcrate equine connection.

Homeless milkcrate antics

The Bushman is a SF street entertainer of sorts. He hides behind hand-held bushes and then surprises tourists and locals. He then asks for change. He does quite well for himself, according to this story. I think the milkcrate is key.

Milkcrates in the garden

Some semi-famous TV gardener from the UK, Joe Swift, has an awful garden of his own. The pic above shows his own garden, and the milkcrate that lives there. –> read the full story

Factory Fresh milkcrate print

Factory Fresh

A good buddy sent this my way. I love this print above, and these guys seem to have the milk crate spirt within them. –> Factory Fresh

Hard Crate Life

Hard Crate Life

An interesting story from the blog. It tells the tale of a homeless man and imagines how, when and where his life took this route. Of course, there is a milkcrate involved. –> Trashcan Tourettes

LeBron soldier II, “Milk Crate Technology” verified

LeBron Soldier 2 - milkcrate technology

LeBron James soldier II

LeBron Soldier 2

I’ve heard the marketing mumbo jumbo, and now my eyes have seen the truth. Nike has actually put the phase,”Milk Crate Technology” on the sole of the LeBron James soldier II sneaker. Supposedly, this colorway will be the 2nd released this Summer. –> thanks to for the great pics. Related Posts: More Milkcrate Inspired Technology…, “Milkcrate Technology” by Nike

Peter Simensky’s plywood milkcrate art

Peter Simensky's plywood milkcrates

I often mock those who pay for milkcrates. I’m usually talking about the people who buy those fake milkcrates from the big box stores. This is altogether different. Peter Simensky created the above crates for Artware in a limited edition of 100. They go for the bargain price of $1500. I say get them if you can, and ask him to send me one for the love of the form. –> Artware Editions –> I saw this here at –> Lacy Volk’s plywood milk crate

Metal Porch Milkcrate

Metal Porch Milkcrate

Metal Porch Milk Crate

Nebraska is the kind of place that oozes of that classic, movie-like Americana. These photos from Amber’s porch show just how ingrained the milk crate is to our way of life. The vintage metal crate, from Roberts Dairy, brings the usage full circle and brings the function back. –> See the full post here

Milkcrates in the garage

milkcrate mechanic

Dorothea Campbell is just one of the guys at the garage where she works. Yes, she needs a milk crate to reach some things but that doesn’t slow her at all. I love these milkcrates in the workplace stories, they speak to the basest facts of the milkcrate lifestyle. –> Read the full story here

Milkcrate Lemonade Stand

Milkcrate Lemonade Stand

I never had a lemonade stand. But if I had it might have been something exactly like this. –> Little Entrepreneur