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Andy Macdonald – milkcrate skateboard sessions

Andy Macdonald - milkcrate skate sessions

Andy Macdonald is a very under-rated skateboarder. His ability and skill is unmatched on vert, and he is very inventive and clever. This video is part of the American Misfits show I believe. –> See the whole video

Milk Truck Tonefloat music

Tone Float

This vehicle(?) is a moving music making machine powered by the sound of milk bottles. It was created for Walk the Plank for the inaugural and very first Manchester Art Car Parade. –> Story from MakeZine here –> Tonefloat website

More on the Milkcrate-Kayak connection

Milkcrates and Kayaks

Milkcrates and Kayaks Milkcrates and Kayaks Milkcrates and Kayaks

The milk crate and the kayak go hand in hand (apparently). This bad boy is geared up with a sweet optimized black crate outfitted with 4 fishing rod holders. I’ve posted about the link before (milkcrate-kayak connection & kayaking with a milkcrate) and I see more coming. –> You can read the whole forum post here from the

Milkcrates aid in Indiana man’s volunteer work

Jim the volunteer

Some people just know how to use the handy milkcrate. Jim from indiana is a volunteer who uses milkcrates to help him do his volunteer work. Not only is he doing good for his community, he’s doing it while living the milk crate lifestyle. –> Full Story here

Milkcrates for money (and your chicks for free)

Film Tools milkcrate

Film Tools milkcrates

Film Tools milkcrate

Some people have a problem with the illegal distribution and losses associated with free range milkcrates. For those people, comes to your moral aid, and for $19.50 (or $420 for 24) will sell you real life 6-gallon milkcrates. I wonder how they get them?

Yellow Seattle crafty crate

Seattle Crafty crate

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. A blogger who writes for the Seattle Post Intelligencer claims to have bought this yellow milkcrate at one of those big box organize you life stores. She then decorated her crate with beads and fabric and what not. I don’t really understand it all, but I think it makes her happy. –> Full Blog Post here

More Milkcrate Inspired Technology in LeBron Soldier 2 sneaker

LeBron Soldier 2 - sole

LeBron Soldier 2 - toe detail

LeBron Soldier 2 - lace detail

The Nike people keep on bringing the LeBron milkcrate technology to the fore. The 2nd version of the LeBron Soldier 2 shoe shows even more milkcrate inspired details than the first (which I posted in December 2007) –> thanks to & for the great pics.

Milkcrate Strongman Video

I’ve written about John Evans before. His world record setting is quite phenomenal. He’s back now, breaking his own world record by balancing 96 milkcrates on top of his head. –> Watch this and more at

Milkcrate Halfrack or LoFi Porteur Rack

Milkcrate Halfrack

Jim at posted this little beauteous modified milkcrate rack for his bike with drop bars. –> LoFi Porteur Rack

James finds Milkcrates in Japan

James finds Milkcrates in Japan

Someone named James is spending three months in Japan. I am jealous. He’s got a little blog post of his experiences, with some photos as well. This one (above) caught my eye. Read the full post here –> James in Japan