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How many LPs fit in a milkcrate?

I know this should be a simple question to answer. There is some history here. In the 70s they changed the size of milkcrates, and milk gallon jugs because people were stealing milkcrates at an alarming rate.  LPs fit perfectly in the older sized crates. The new crates still accommodate records, but you have to put them at a slight angle. Not as sweet, but still quite functional. But, then CDs took over, so the issue was moot.

Records in a milkcrate

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, the kids over at TribalWar (a gaming blog) discuss this in the forums.

Milkcrate-Kayak connection

Kayak Crate

I found this pic on the Saltwater Fishing Fourums (don’t ask how…ok google helped) but I’m finding an interesting connection between milkcrates and kayaking. The ad for this kayak, actually listed the milkcrate as a feature.

French Crates

French Crates

Jim Houser sent these pics via iPhone from France. Crates around the world unite!