Milkcrate Powerpoint presentation

Milkcrate Presentation

In the Fall of 2004 I was asked by the Industrial Design department at University of the Arts in Philadelphia to speak. My presentation, culled from powerpoint, is available here for your viewing pleasure. –> View milkcrate lecture here. The presentation was a hit, and the students asked a slew of questions afterwards.

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  1. dial8d  on February 28th, 2008

    I really appreciate the presentation and the site especially.. the pic of the weight lifter in the presentation MADE MY DAY!!

    I am really hoping you can help me out here before I try to drive my car upon some crates… I am looking for info on the weight bearing loads these crates can tolerate. From what I have been able to dig up, 4-gallon creates are typically stacked 5 or 6 high. 4 gallons be the case that would be, 8.5 lbs. per gallon= to approx 35 lbs. when you add in the weight of the crate. Now a 5 high stack is about 175 lbs. or 6 high is 210 lbs. this is for 4 gallon crates though…..

    I am very poor to most peoples standards where I live in latte land seattle… I drink dry milk.. no joke.. and folgers to boot.. I am really poor… nonetheless, I save what ever money I have left for my hobby; fishkeeping!

    I have procured many crates in the 6 gallon size. Currently, I have a 29 gallon fish tank of ~330 lbs dispersed over 4x 6gallon creates stacked 2 high which equal 165lbs per stack. so far so good

    I am about to purchase a 75gallon tank, that would be ~850lbs dispersed over 4 stacked 2 high. Should equal 212.5lbs per stack.

    I don’t know, but 212.5lbs… that is like standing on one… what do you think? can 6- gallon crates hold as much as 4-gallons… full-time weight bearing?

    Is there any evidence of a cars being supported by nothing but milk crates? I saw the pics of motorcyles… considereing some bikes weigh 400+ lbs…

    much appreciated…