The Milkcrate Recovery Team, a film

The Milkcrate Recovery Team

Christopher Markowsky wrote to tell me about his short film, “The Milkcrate Recovery Team.” I have to admit while watching this I had moments of fear that I’ve seen in nightmares. Overall I enjoyed this movie. At first view I thought the message was opposite of my personal view. But, I think there is an underlying truth to the movie. I have some criticisms. SPOILER ALERT: There is a line after they bust the milkcrate dealer, “consider the imitation crates sir.” I am not a fan of the imitation crates, and the simple mention of them turns my stomach and makes my hands hurt. On the plus side they also have a line that says, “It’s a perfectly designed, multifunctional container, but it was made for milk.” I believe that Christopher has the love. Watch the video here –> The Milkcrate Recovery Team

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