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Milkcrate Powerpoint presentation

Milkcrate Presentation

In the Fall of 2004 I was asked by the Industrial Design department at University of the Arts in Philadelphia to speak. My presentation, culled from powerpoint, is available here for your viewing pleasure. –> View milkcrate lecture here. The presentation was a hit, and the students asked a slew of questions afterwards.

More motor-crates

Honda 750 with crate

The milkcrates and the motorcycles continue to pop up. This image was found on The Single Overhead Cam Forums, yes you read that right.

The Milkcrate Canucks

Milkcrate Canucks

The video knocked my socks off. The Milkcrate Canucks are inventive, reckless, and living the milk crate lifestyle to the fullest. See the video on You Tube –> You Tube: Milkcrate Canucks

How do you hang your lures?

Milkcrate Lure holder

Yet another sport is utilizing the milkcrate. This time it’s fishing. This image was found on the OFN Community (Ontario’s Best Fishing Resource), website. –> OFN Forum

The Milkcrate Recovery Team, a film

The Milkcrate Recovery Team

Christopher Markowsky wrote to tell me about his short film, “The Milkcrate Recovery Team.” I have to admit while watching this I had moments of fear that I’ve seen in nightmares. Overall I enjoyed this movie. At first view I thought the message was opposite of my personal view. But, I think there is an underlying truth to the movie. I have some criticisms. SPOILER ALERT: There is a line after they bust the milkcrate dealer, “consider the imitation crates sir.” I am not a fan of the imitation crates, and the simple mention of them turns my stomach and makes my hands hurt. On the plus side they also have a line that says, “It’s a perfectly designed, multifunctional container, but it was made for milk.” I believe that Christopher has the love. Watch the video here –> The Milkcrate Recovery Team

Shop Ursula hints at the crate lifestyle

Kitty & Crate

A crate full of chandelier. Read Shop Ursula for more.

Milkcrate Video

Video is all the rage. You Tube, Google Video, and the like… Milkcrates are a part of this culture, see for yourself.

  • Milkcrates on You Tube –> here
  • Crates on –> here
  • –> here

Milkcrates are an essential to art making

Ryan Waalace

I don’t know how Ryan Wallace feels about milkcrates. This popped up on Ryan’s site just before his show at Envoy Gallery in New York.

Milkcrates as cycle stands

Wooden Milkcrate Cycle stand

Plastic Milkcrate Cycle stand

Milkcrates make great motorcycle stands…who would have known? These images were found on in the forums.

Quick Crate Hits

The web has been all a flutter lately with mentions and random news.