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Homeless men living the lifestyle

Homeless man playing chess

An interesting story about the homeless situation in Durango, Colorado. –> full story

Milkcrates are part of the process

Milkcrates are a part of the process

“I sit on a milk crate outside my studio with one foot on the base of the clamp and feed the small edges of the steel into the mouth of the clamp…” Artists far and wide know that milkcrates are a tool –> full story

Criminal used to hang out on milkcrate

Criminal hung out on crate over there

A creepy dude used to hang out, sitting on a milkcrate outside a convenience store in Ducktown, Tennessee. This fact proved to be key in an murder investigation, and was brought to life by the young woman above. “He would just sit on a milk crate at the corner with a black mutt that had brown splotches…I never talked to him because he seemed odd and creepy,” she added, “He gave off a weird vibe.” –> full story

Good old wooden milkcrates

Wooden Milkcrate

Wooden Milkcrate

I like them retro wooden milkrates too. I’m not the only one.

Crate Car Repair

Always keep a milkcrate in your trunk

Crater Lake Milk comes to the rescue in a quick flat tire repair job. Real life at its most crate.

Kayaking with a milkcrate

Kayaking with Milkcrates

Everyone loves and respects the usefulness of milkcrates. The word seems to be spreading lately and I can’t even keep up with the crate postings all over the web. Wool Windings blog posted some images of a recent kayaking trip. Our good friend the milkcrate made some key appearances.

Milk Crate Breaks blog

Milkcrate Breaks Blog

Milk Crate Breaks is diggin in the crates, to bring you the finest break beats.

Massachusetts legislators pitch 1 year prison sentences for milk crate theives

The state of Massachusetts has always had some interesting priorities. Michael F. Kane, a Democrat, is putting forth a bill that would create a penalty scale for crate thieves. Fines for first, second, and third offenses, all the way up to $1,000 and a year in prison for stealing more than $100 worth of crates. Kane said, “These crates have been used for many years in college dorms for basically storage and furniture… Obviously, I don’t want to see any college students going to jail over this, but it is becoming a cost to the industry.” I can’t wait for the first rich kid at Harvard to be jailed because of this stupid law. Read more about the Mass tax dollars at work.

Dads love crates

Daddytypes: crate bookcase

What can I say – represents the milkcrate lifestyle.