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Put that dog to work

Crate Dog Cart

Dog post party – This was found and never posted – detailed instructions and how to train your pooch here –> Draft Vehicles

Crate doggy

Alex's baby

Long time Milkcrate Digest contributor and one-time cover model Alex Aranovich sent these pics of his little hairy kid. Click the photo to view.


Crate tech

Australia continues to be on the bleeding edge of milkcrate lifestyle. The Design Computing and Architecture disciplines at the University of Sydney (wow that’s a big name) just sent over this project – “petro cow project” – that they are undertaking. A merging of sociology, architecture, and milkcrates – what could be sweeter.

The milkman is back

the milkman is back

Thank goodness for google news alerts. This story came my way, the milkman is back.

More art goodness

Reids family

I’ve posted some links to Reid’s work before, but now he’s got some stuff on the info super hi-way and you should check it out.

Matt’s patterns

Matt's Crate

I found this little baby on Matt’s patterns. He has a slew of cool repeating patterns from life and sci-fi. Check it out.