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The thought ninjas are down

Thought Ninjas crate design

Forwarded by Mr. Randy Pikul, we have the Thought Ninjas promoting the milkcrate legacy. Let the love flow.

Triple crate ollie

Randy Grey ollies 3 in Providence

The old scan organization continues. This photo by Hisham Bharoocha, I think, is of Randy Grey circa 1994. This photo is on the back cover of Milkcrate Digest #1, in black and white.

Crates as type

In my standard search for milkcrate news, I found this – I created the image below with this cool flash piece.

history speaks

The milkcrate arch

I was going through some old scans this morning and found this image from back in the Providence, Rhode Island days. This photo was taken by Alex Aranovich while we were building the milkcrate arch inside America’s first mall, the Arcade.